Marketing For Shift Core v7.0t Release

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Seeking contributions from SHIFT Community and SHIFT Team to fund my initial marketing efforts for the project. The content of this marketing campaign will be in the form of a ~10 min YouTube video covering the upcoming core release | potential partnership announcement, and expected to reach a total of ~20k crypto enthusiasts via the following social media channels:

– Youtube (~10k views)
– Twitter (~5k++ views)
– Steemit Vlog (~1k views)
– Facebook cryptocurrency group (~1.5k views)
– Telegram Paid Trading Group (~1k views)
+ Additional Media Outlets

The marketing video is expected to be completed and distributed online by April 25th, prior to Shift Core v7.0t activation and partnership announcement.
Lets spread the word out about this innovative technology and great development milestone achieved by the Shift Team !


Due Date:

Proposed By: HoneyRyder

Target Goal (in SHIFT): 3000

Reward Raised (in SHIFT):

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Submitted: 2019-04-21 03:43

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