Telegram Alert Bot: Initial Development

Bounty Status: Completed

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Delegate Xing is seeking assistance with the development of a Telegram bot for Shift blockchain event notifications. The bot will provide alerts for transactions which meet specified conditions. In addition to the push-based alert notifications, the bot will also give users the capability of using pull-based queries for extracting certain metrics from the blockchain at command.

This bounty is a request for support which consists mainly to get brainstorming ideas for adding the initial useful features to the bot, testing all aspects of the bot including alerts, commands, new and existing user experience, managing user subscriptions, providing user feedback and server performance analysis, quality control, data integrity and ensuring overall usefulness of the bot for the users.

Telegram Bot Username: @TheShiftBot

Due Date:

Proposed By: xing

Target Goal (in SHIFT): 500

Reward Raised (in SHIFT):

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Submitted: 2019-03-20 07:04

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