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Bounty Status: Completed

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Translate a total of 3,372 English words into Chinese at the rate of $.09 USD per word.

Total Bounty Reward:
3372 * $.09 =
$303.48 USD

Bounty reward will be converted and paid in $SHIFT to the successful claimant upon delivering a complete translation.

Minor updates, corrections and assistance with typography (italics, bold, etc) is assumed to be an included service of a complete translation (no more than a few minutes work), in order to ensure a standard integration into the website.

Transcript location:

File Name:
Transcript – Roadmap – 20SEP2018

Copy/paste text, and enter translations on the line immediately underneath the English words and contact Xing on Telegram or Ryver when complete.

Due Date:

Proposed By: xing

Target Goal (in SHIFT): 551.78181818

Reward Raised (in SHIFT): 551.78181818

Funded By: xing

Submitted: 2018-09-20 03:18

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