500 SHIFT Giveaway

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We are have the new subreddit /r/ShiftProject, but it’s still not have redditors. Only ~90 people are subscribed.
I propose start a 500 SHIFT Giveaway for subreddit subscribers and Shift telegram group users.
After month or so we will start a drawing of prizes. I guess, we’ll be randomly choosing 10 winners who will be getting 50 SHIFT.
The message about giveaway will be posted on crypto forums, blogs and etc.
Thereby, we will increase not only number of subreddit subscribers, but our community.

Giveaway Wallet: {Removed – Please contribute by sponsoring this bounty and pledging an amount}

You can reach me by telegram https://t.me/voteforMx
and Ryver @mx

Due Date:

Proposed By: MxShift

Target Goal (in SHIFT): 500

Reward Raised (in SHIFT): 500

Funded By: kwell, TerraBellus, MxShift, shoosh, rexy, pnwdrew, snatic, and samuel_paulsun1

Submitted: 2018-04-15 01:23

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